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Optometry Giving Sight Donations


With normal wear and tear (or if you happen to fall asleep in your glasses.... your toddler or dog gets a hold of them.... or you get a basketball to your face!), glasses can start to pinch behind your ears, slip down your nose, or sit askew on your face.   At Brooklin Optometric Centre, we do not charge a fee for most frame adjustments, nosepad changes and eyeglass cleanings.   Instead, we ask for a smile, and accept donations towards Optometry Giving Sight, a charitable organization which provides quality eye care and training to people in developing countries. 

In 2016 Optometry Giving Sight is funding 43 projects in 26 countries.  These projects have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, provided vital support to community education and advocacy activities to raise awareness of the importance of eye health and promoted the role of the Optometrist as primary eye care provider.

Thanks to our generous patients, Brooklin Optometric Centre was the 4th in the April 1-June 30 Donation Box Update!   

Drop by our office and let us give your glasses a tune up!


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